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AP Challenges of Global Scale: How, When & Where to Use the Right Tools for Future Success
By implementing its intelligent capture solution powered by Perceptive Software for client B/E Aerospace's global accounts payable processes, global business process outsourcer The DDC Group and partner Perceptive Software defied the odds, set new standards and learned a few lessons that all AP professionals can learn from. To kick-off the IOFM AP Conference and Expo West, Perceptive Software and The DDC Group will breakdown the current and forecasted challenges and trends facing today's AP and discuss how, when and where pros can leverage the right tools to experience benefits fundamental to long-term profitability.
Charles Kaplan, Head of International Marketing, Perceptive Software; Teresa Peyton, Project Manager, the DDC Group

Mega-Trends that require P2P leaders to think about enabling technology in a whole new way
When the hundreds, or thousands, of employees leave the office and head home, they are likely at some point, to log on to a social media platform. Innovative, exciting, playful technology is infiltrating our private lives... and we love it! So, when we get to the office the next morning, and start working off a crunchy, ugly, cumbersome IT system, that represents a database rather than other users, the experience often feels inefficient, unproductive, and empty.
This session looks at the style of technology that ought to be the bread and better of any P2P environment. We will explore:
• How the technologies can to be a “social,” rather than single-user, experience
• How the social aspect of the technology needs to be inter-enterprise, so your staff can interact with suppliers and customers
• How the app part of our private-technology experience should now play a part in our P2P world
Attend this session to get a better grasp on mega-trends that are going to have an impact - like it or not.
Tom Glassanos, President, Bavelos Group; Vishal Patel, Sr. Marketing Manager, Tradeshift

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Opening Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by: The DDC Group

Monday, October 27 

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8:15 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks

RD Whitney, Executive Director, Institute of Finance & Management

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Featured Presentation

AP Business Support: Payment Processing and More At The Gap
This session will explore how the AP department can support the business in more ways than just processing invoices. We’ll look at how Gap’s Payables department expanded support to the business in the areas of PO generation, LC Management, vendor management, and spend analytics. We’ll also discuss the approach used to transition payment processing from international hub offices into the Corporate Shared Services Center in Albuquerque, NM.
Presented by: Paul Finke, Senior Director – Payables & Revenue Accounting, Gap Inc.

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Exchange ideas, share experiences with AP pros in your industry or in a similar size AP department.

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: Managing Invoice Processing in the Not Yet Totally Paperless AP Department
While we all know the benefits of automating AP – more efficient processing, lower costs, shrinking or eliminating the mountains of paper AP generates – many AP departments have not yet been able to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of automation. While automation is an attractive option, it's not the only way to improve AP functions. Waiting to automate is no excuse for not making current AP processes the best they can be, and this session will explore ways to do just that.
Pam Miller, APM (with distinction), Education Director, AP Certification Programs and Editor-in-Chief, AP Publications, Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM)

Track B, Operations & Compliance: What’s Next For You In (or out of) AP
Robbin Harland, Director, Accounts Payable, NYU Langone Medical Center

Track C, What's Working in Automation: How to Make your Document Imaging Initiative Ignite Efficiency
The success of your document imaging project is in direct proportion to how much time is spent planning and gathering requirements. Let’s review the many issues & concerns that should be considered when preparing for a document management initiative. Use these process review steps to gain a better understanding of your company’s document personality. Find out where invoices and supporting documents are coming from and in what forms they are received. Be ready to take advantage of current technology and software tools that will improve productivity and increase overall efficiency for your organization.
Karen A. Harris, Manager, AP Operations, Enterprise Sourcing Solutions, Fiserv

Track D, Solution Provider: SharePoint Integration for Accounts Payable: Capturing a More Valuable Return from Your Microsoft Investment
This session demonstrates how organizations can easily integrate powerful document management capabilities into their financial applications using their SharePoint platform. The document management capabilities enable employees to distribute, collaborate, capture and govern critical electronic and paper documents without leaving their LOB application. See an Accounts Payable scenario that leverages distributed document capture and workflow automation to increase user adoption and productivity.
Mike Miller, Systems Engineer, Knowledgelake

Track E, Solution Provider: Become an AP Superhero by Transforming Your Payables Process into a Revenue Generator
Imagine a world where every invoice, every PO, every payment, and all historical statistics are available to your suppliers at a moments notice. Now, imagine turning every transaction into a savings opportunity for your company—you’d be an AP superhero!
So tie on your cape and join this session to rescue your organization from everyday villains such as paper invoices, numerous inquiry calls and outdated payment processes. Learn the transformative power of giving your suppliers access to their invoice, PO and payment information through a free, secure, cloud-based portal, and how this leads to stronger supplier relationships and millions of dollars added to your bottom line.
The presenters will display a business case demonstrating the out-of-this-world savings potential available through supplier self-services, eInvoicing and dynamic discounting, and discuss the impact these initiatives have on your entire payables strategy—and on your superhero status.
Markus Ament, Chief Product Officer, Taulia

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM IOFM's Exclusive Awards Luncheon

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM Dessert & Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: Managed Travel Programs & Travel Management Companies – Why & How?
What is a Managed Travel Program, and why should you implement one at your organization? If you don't currently have a managed program, this session will offer the practical how-tos of starting one, and will make you aware of the potential pitfalls and hazards to avoid as you get started.
Kerry Schmidt, APM (with distinction), Director of Accounting Operations, University of Louisville

Track B, Operations & Compliance: 1099 Tax Reporting Update for 2014
Learn what’s new for 2014 year-end in Form 1099 reporting, IRS compliance targets, legislative and regulatory changes, and state 1099 filing mandates.

  • How to work with the new Form W-9, including the new “Exempt” codes and why you need W-9s from U.S. companies you may never before have documented with this form
  • Form 1099-MISC: Reportable payment types for the 2014 1099-MISC, and which types carry the highest risk of IRS penalties
  • Change in IRS procedure for B Notice “incorrect TIN” compliance
  • Proposals that could rock 1099 reporting, including filing dates, certified TINs, more tax withholding by Accounts Payable
  • State 1099 checklist: States that have made 1099 reporting changes for 2014

Marianne Couch, JD, Principal, COKALA Tax Information Reporting Solutions, LLC

Track C, What's Working in Automation: Accounts Payable in 2020: Automation in the Coming Revolution
The future of AP means constant change for you and your department over the next six years. What is the revolutionized AP department going to look like in 2020? Think beyond paperless - companies will be looking for better overall processes by automating EVERYTHING. You may have one or two automation efforts already in the works, but in the coming years you'll need to prepare for more: a complete revolution of the way you do things today.
Henry Ijams, APM, founder of PayStream Advisors, will share his insights into how successful managers are handling this booming change. You’ll also learn where the AP automation market is heading, the available technologies and how they can work together, the five secrets to staffing a successful department of the future, and the key startegies for making your the revolution successful.
Henry Ijams, APM, Managing Director, PayStream Advisors

Track D, Solution Provider: 3 Ways to Audit Accounts Payable Performance
Companies today look at productivity as the true measure of success. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! So how do you measure success in an accounts payable department?
In this presentation, we will discuss three ways to audit your AP department’s performance, and give you the tools to transform it from a back-office cost center into a front line process that can drive profitability.

You will learn how to:
• Zero in on the inefficiencies that plague AP operations
• Benchmark your performance against Industry standards
• Identify areas for improvement
• And more...

Rob DeVincent, Vice President of Product Marketing, Corcentric

Track E, Solution Provider: What the C-Suite wants from Accounts Payable, and How AP Automation Helps Provide It
Whether it's establishing capital budgets, tracking operational performance or making the final decision on automation projects, CFOs and controllers are playing an ever-increasing role in how Accounts Payable (AP) functions day-to-day. Yet most AP professionals are unsure of what the C-suite expects from them or their department. This interactive session will blend exclusive IOFM benchmarking research with real-world case studies to provide attendees with actionable insights into what the C-suite really thinks of AP, the C-suite's expectations for AP, and what AP professionals can do to better position themselves and departmental priorities such as automation projects with senior execs. If you want to improve your department's standing with the C-suite, don't miss this session.

Attendees will learn:
• How the C-suite's priorities impact AP and AP automation projects
• What the C-suite really thinks of AP – and what you can do about it
• The changing role of the C-suite in day-to-day AP operations
• Strategies for selling the C-suite on AP automation
• Real-world AP automation case studies

Thomas Noe, Senior Presales Consultant, Basware, Inc.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: How to Achieve Significant Returns with Selective Automation
When a complete accounts payable automation solution is not an option, determine which processes can be independently “automated” to provide the greatest benefit. This session will provide information about the payback you can expect from automating specific sub-processes within your procure-to-pay system. With this information you can prioritize your accounts payable automation projects.
Dustin Rozeboom, Corporate Accounts Payable Supervisor, CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Track B, Operations & Compliance: Migrating from Paper to Electronic Payments: Streamlining AP Processes with Virtual Payments
In this session you will learn proven customer strategies for offering electronic payment solutions to vendors.

  • How does a vendor benefit from accepting virtual cards form its customers, especially considering the interchange fee present with each transaction.
  • Cutting down on paper and reducing the time associated with sorting, posting and depositing checks
  • Accepting virtual cards can come with financial benefits that offset the fees

Mariscia Jones, APM, Accounts Payable Manager, LaQuinta Inn & Suites

Track C, What's Working in Automation: Productive Change through Automation at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
The nation’s #1 Pediatric Hospital is world class in caring for children. Learn about its journey in attaining world class in AP automation. CHOP has implemented an AP Enterprise Content Management System and is currently implementing automated travel and expense management. Learn about the planning, process, steps and controls undertaken to develop the AP roadmap and the lessons learned.
Rosanna Chestnut, Director, AP Shared Service Center, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Track D, Solution Provider: Confessions of a Paperholic: a 12-Step Plan to Kick the Paper Habit through E-Invoicing and Procure-to-Pay Automation
Paperholism – the obsession to have paper drive a business process – is a corporate malady afflicting accounts payable departments and shared service centers across the globe. Many try to ignore the problem, pretend it doesn’t exist, claim to have it under control, or boast that paper volumes are below others in their industry. Some claim they could stop paper from controlling their processes at any time. What is common among all these claims is desperate denial, as desks pile with paper and empty envelopes or computers get flooded with PDF files.
Sound familiar? Don’t despair, there is hope! Many recovering paperholics have found freedom in e-invoicing, following a Paperholics Anonymous 12-step program for kicking the paper invoice habit. This session will explore these 12 steps to help you understand the true cost of paper, learn the benefits of automation, and give you the power to transform into a business processing powerhouse. There is hope... and it all begins with taking the first step and admitting your problem with paper.
Chris Rauen, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, Ariba, an SAP company

Track E, Solution Provider: 7 Steps to Go Paperless While Creating an AP Profit Center
Discover how to guide your organization in eliminating paper from your Purchase-through-Pay process, using a proven seven-step approach. Going “paperless” is possible, and provides an opportunity to develop a comprehensive payment strategy that will migrate your AP Department from a cost center into a profit center.  This interactive presentation will share the success factors, pitfalls and challenges of AP automation utilizing case studies, customer testimonials, and a proven ROI analysis.
Kurt Wachtendorf, National Product Manager – EIPP, Senior Solution Consultant, Commerce Bank

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: AP & Purchasing: The Latest Research to Support Why and How the Relationship Can Work
Attend this session to understand the latest research and best practices to support strong alignment between AP and Purchasing.  If your organization cannot actually be within the same reporting structure, which most organizations are challenged by, understand how to ensure strong alignment and improve performance results.

• Define world-class performance and its relevance to your organization
• Acknowledge the importance of alignment between Accounts Payable and Purchasing
• Identify key issues for senior leadership and how to be proactive in providing information and solutions
• Identify a pragmatic approach to building a successful AP/Purchasing relationship

Penny S. Weller, PhD, CMA, Global Business Services, North American Practice Lead, The Hackett Group

Track B, Operations & Compliance: Mining ‘Big Data’ in Accounts Payable and Supply Chain
Do you believe there may be interesting or helpful nuggets of information buried inside your organization’s massive data warehouses? Do you struggle with how to take ‘big data’ and make it useful to your Accounts Payable division? The phrase ‘Big Data’ has become a buzzword in business, but what does it mean? Attend this session to learn about how Mayo Supply Chain Management has revolutionized data mining in Accounts Payable and Supply Chain. Further, learn about how you can take this mined data and present it differently to executive level employees, who may not prefer to be given spreadsheets full of numbers. Come see how data mining and visualization can change your company!
Erich R. Heneke, Senior Manager - Supplier Risk Management, Finance, Audit, and Controls, Mayo Clinic

Track C, What's Working in Automation: Now You've Identified the Problem, What Next?: A Step-by-Step Framework on How to Get Your Solution into Production
Getting a solution into production is a project in itself. Whether it’s simply a process change, ERP system revision, or both, there are many steps to consider. We will go over the process of:

  • Creating the BRD (Business Requirement Document)
  • Review with key stakeholders
  • Training, communication and deployment
  • Post-mortem meetings

Peggy Franzen, Senior Manager - Global Payables Process Owner, LinkedIn, Rosemarie Tice, Business Proceess Analyst, LinkedIn, and Helen Boyd, Finance Manager EMEA, LinkedIn

Track D, Solution Provider: The Basis Point Myth Your Bank Doesn't Want You To Know 
Banking is a relationship business. While no one is advising you to break up with them, because they are critical, this session will teach you why you should take a closer look at your options for payment. When it comes to the payment process, it seems that banks would be a natural stop, but unfortunately when it comes to the business payment process they have blind spots. This session will explore three things you should know about a virtual card program that your bank doesn’t. One of the three things you should know about banks is related to a concept coined by presenter Chris Elmore: “The Basis Point Myth.” When looking at any type of virtual card for payment, there is always an emphasis placed on the rebate, and rightfully so, because that’s where the value is. Rebates are generally realized by basis points, but in this session you will learn why evaluating a virtual card program based only on basis points will give you a shortsighted view of the true value of a virtual card program.
Chris Elmore, Automation Expert and Author, AvidXChange

Track E, Solution Provider: Live Demonstration – How to automate supplier statement reconciliations using
Please join us for an interactive session where we will use a live system to demonstrate how you can automate the reconciliation of supplier statements in the cloud. We’ll show you how to never miss a credit note again, spot un-paid invoices on your ledger that are not on the statement, invoices and credits the wrong way round and a host of other data anomalies that would help your bottom line. We’ll even show you to reduce phone calls from vendors by giving them invoice status information via email and we’ll do something that no other vendor will offer in a presentation, which is pricing information! We look forward to meeting you.
Dan Kimpton,

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Tuesday, October 28

7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM - 9:30 AM Featured Presentation 

Time Management for AP Leaders
AP Managers and leaders are expected to constantly do more with less and deliver value-added results with excellence and flawless execution. Overwhelming distractions, multiple meetings, projects, budget constraints and deadlines can make it difficult for any leader to be effective and productive in today’s modern, competitive and fast-paced society. This session will help AP Managers develop new habits by deliberately investing their valuable time, attention and resources on the highest priorities, enabling increased performance and personal satisfaction.
Debbie Rich-Walker, Senior Finance Manager, The Home Depot

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: How JetBlue Maximizes Discounts Using Motivation and Innovation
JetBlue has gone from under $50k in annual discounts to over $1.5M. See how they are using automation and motivation to achieve their goal of $2M for 2014.
This session will demonstrate how to:

  • Motivate your staff and share corporate initiatives
  • Promote efforts within the entire company
  • Impact working capital
  • Go from a cost center to a profit center

Joni Geurts, Manager of AP, JetBlue

Track B, Operations & Compliance: Change Management in AP
In today’s business world we are all being asked to do more, and often with fewer resources available to get the job done. Change may involve one or more of the following: outsourcing tasks or functions, implementing a new system, automating a process, or re-engineering and eliminating what is not value-added for your customers or organization. How do you accomplish this and continue to maintain control of the change process as well as the payment process? Presenter Marie Misterka, Vice President of AP at BNP Paribas, has personally done all of this, and is involved in planning for additional changes. She will share her experiences and offer insights to help you manage change while avoiding stress and headaches.
Marie Misterka, VP AP, BNP Paribas

Track C, What's Working in Automation: Transforming AP through Automation
This session will explore key strategies for implementing automation to transform your AP department, including:

  • Mandating electronic invoicing
  • Driving synergy through consolidating the AP and AR functions
  • Moving the workforce from transactional to analytical
  • Help desk efficiencies

Brandi Crouch, Sr. Manager, Cash Management Solutions, Enterprise Business Services - Financial Services, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Track D, Solution Provider: 6 Reasons Why CFOs Should Take a Closer Look at Virtual Cards
Recent security breaches of credit card data experienced by Target and others have heightened awareness of the risks associated with credit cards. While these stories have largely plagued consumer markets, corporations are becoming keenly aware of the disastrous consequences posed if their purchasing card data is compromised.
With 50% of today’s businesses expected to make the move from paper check to electronic payments within the next three years, virtual cards are gaining traction in the corporate payments space, and for good reason. Offering extraordinary controls and an ecosystem that supports universal acceptance, virtual cards are a secure alternative to purchasing cards, and they provide streamlined efficiencies to an expansive portfolio of use cases.
Many of those use cases will be shared during this presentation, as David Disque walks the audience through six of the most compelling reasons why CFOs are taking a closer look at virtual cards as they move their business from paper checks to electronic payments.
David Disque, Chief Operations Officer, CSI Enterprises

Track E, Solution Provider: Seven Steps To Creating the Smarter Business
In just a few years, the Back Office has transformed from a paper-intensive, error-prone part of your business that was dragging down profitability to a fast, highly flexible, automated operation that can provide a 360 degree view of your business at a moment's notice. If you have yet to deploy these new business automation solutions or if you are still gathering information, this session will present you with the keys that can help you streamline Accounts Payable, enhance Human Resources, accelerate Contracts Management, and optimize Sales Operations. With each department you add to automation, your organization will realize a measurable return, which is often enough to completely pay for the solution within the first year. IBM has assembled seven practical keys to designing, deploying Back Office Solutions to create the Smarter Business. Find out which ones you are already doing and which ones you can add.
David Jenness, IBM

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Peer Networking Roundtables

12:15 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: Fraud Prevention in T&E, P-Cards and Other AP Essentials
Fraud is a fact of life. Those of us in AP are on the front lines when it comes to ensuring that our organizations are not victimized by unscrupulous vendors and employees. The best defense is to be aware and be prepared. Who is likely to attempt to get something for nothing from your organization? How are they likely to go about it? Where are the weakest links? This session will address these questions and help you improve the odds of foiling the next fraudster attack.
Pam Miller, APM (with distinction), Education Director, AP Certification Programs and Editor-in-Chief, AP Publications, Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM)

Track B, Operations & Compliance: How to Effectively Manage Unclaimed Property Compliance (and smile while doing it)! 
Are you frowning as you carry the burden of complying with the requirements of the 55 unclaimed property jurisdictions? Turn that frown upside down during this session, in which we'll brush up on compliance essentials, consider risk mitigation techniques, and explore procedures for more effectively managing compliance. Your compliance knowledge will be further enhanced by an update on unclaimed property trends and important pending and enacted legislation and regulations.
Karen Anderson, Senior Vice President – Compliance, Unclaimed Property Recovery and Reporting, LLC

Track C, What's Working in Automation: Working Capital Strategies in AP Can Deliver High Value to Your Organization
Think beyond automation. Successful AP managers are increasingly focused on cash and income as well as on cost. Studies show that working capital initiatives deliver as much as 10 times the value of AP automation alone. Increasingly, early pay programs, card rebates, and dynamic discounting are becoming the biggest drivers of AP success. Tom Glassanos, founder of Bavelos Group, will share his insights on how successful AP managers use working capital to drive more value and contribute to their company's competitive advantage. You'll learn how big the savings can be, the available strategies and how they interact, the five secrets to working capital success, and how to get big results in as few as 100 days.
Tom Glassanos, President, Bavelos Group

Track D, Solution Provider: MISSING: Where is the 2nd P in P2P? Learn why payment solutions haven’t worked and what’s preventing the successful transition to electronic payments.
The business landscape in littered with failed B2B payment companies and banking payment solutions continue to be siloed in turn fueling more inefficiencies.  P2P solution providers imply that their solutions are Procure to Pay when it’s really just Procure to Invoice (or payment ready).  The veil is about to be lifted.  In this informative class attendees will learn how to identify the providers from the pretenders and what questions they should be asking when evaluating a electronic payment solution provider.
Karla Friede, CEO, NVoicePay

Track E, Solution Provider: How the Walt Disney Company Transformed Accounts Payable Shared Services with Perceptive Intelligent Capture
Disney was manually processing more than 500,000 paper and email invoices annually—a “long tail” of outliers for which automation solutions like EDI and e-invoicing had proven insufficient.  Join us to discover how Disney implemented Perceptive Intelligent Capture its shared services center—operating on the world’s largest SAP installation—within 100 days. After just one week, Disney achieved scan-to-post automation, reallocated 80% of manual data entry support and refocused resources on value-added roles.  Disney has recently deployed this technology at its new regional service center in Shanghai.  In 2012, Disney won the Huntington Innovation Award from the Institute of Financial Operations for its achievements in AP shared services.
Andre Hale, Vice President, Disney Worldwide Shared Services

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

Track A, AP University: Presenting Information Effectively
Big data mining is a critical need of many organizations. Too often, the extracted data is then presented as a data dump, with no value inserted by the provider. This session will teach attendees how to convert data sets into interpreted, actionable information by understanding the intended use of the information. Attendees will learn how to choose which methods to use for validating data, summarize results, and improve a visual presentation.
Suzanne Fassler, AP Director, JC Penney

Track B, Operations & Compliance: A Shared Services Journey: The View from the Starting Gates
A candid view from a Fortune 500 company facing the challenges of a global financial services transformation.
Lex Lannom, Managing Director - Global Disbursements, Federal Express Corp

Track C, What's Working in Automation: Expense Audit Automation Boosts Productivity and Measurability 
Pam Jozwiakowski, Director - Accounts Payable, AT&T

Track D, Solution Provider: Not Your Average ACH: A Success Story
Treasury and AP at Glimcher Reality Trust have collaborated to transform various financial processes with the intent of increasing efficiency and generating cost-savings. Converting their payables checks to electronic payments is their latest success story, but the final solution is not what they originally anticipated. The changes required for their ERP to process ACH through their bank came with a high price and process concerns, so Glimcher continued to search for alternatives. Ultimately, by using an electronic settlement network that many of their vendors were already enrolled in, Glimcher converted from checks to ACH quickly while bypassing technological hurdles. Additionally, they completely avoided out-of-pocket costs, earned cash rebates and improved security — all while keeping their valued bank and ERP in place. Join Glimcher and their partner, Bottomline Technologies, to learn how internal alignment on payment automation success criteria and the right technology combine for dramatic financial and efficiency gains.
Mary Clark, Accounts Payable Manager, Glimcher Realty Trust, Andrea Eaton, Paymode-X Regional Account Manager, Bottomline Technologies

Track E, Solution Provider: Why a Supplier-Driven Dynamic Early Payment Marketplace Generates More Income for Buyers
Disruptive technology is affecting all aspects of business and AP departments can improve a company’s gross profit through a dynamic early payment marketplace. Instead of putting rigid limitations that restrict the income generated, a true working-capital market led by suppliers naming their own price for early payment can generate 450% of the income of legacy dynamic discounting programs. Chris Dark will discuss how a utility-based pricing model is preferred by suppliers and generates significantly more income for your company.
Allison MacKinnon, Managing Director, C2FO and Sean Van Gundy, Head of Working Capital Advisory, C2FO

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM General Session

Panel: What's Ahead in AP
The one thing that never changes about AP: that it's always changing! Hear what some of your fellow AP professionals think about where the field is headed, and share your own ideas as well. Together, we'll prepare for what's on the way in AP.
Pam Miller, APM (with distinction), Education Director, AP Certification Programs and Editor-in-Chief, AP Publications, Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM); Kathy Sharp, Executive Director, Shared Services, MGM Resorts International; Mark Seethaler, CPA, Global Payments Manager, LDS Church

Wednesday, October 29

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Registration & Complimentary Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Certification classes & exams

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