The most trusted certification programs for Financial Operations professionals worldwide.

With over 20,000 certified financial operations professionals worldwide, IOFM’s rigorous certification programs set the global standard for excellence in the accounting professions. Earning your certification through IOFM demonstrates your firm grasp of the fundamentals, a thorough understanding of best practices, and your commitment to accuracy and compliance, all of which are necessary to excel in your field. IOFM’s designations are held by individuals and departments at leading Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, and institutions around the world who value accuracy, efficiency, clarity and transparency in the accounting function.


Once you’re certified maintaining certification is easy!
FAQ on Maintaining Certification

Maximum value, minimum disruption.

IOFM developed certification programs to fit flexibly and seamlessly into your teams’ schedules so staff can engage in valuable training without accruing T&E expenses or losing productivity.

Online and on-demand.

Certification from IOFM is available entirely online – no travel or out-of-office time required. Candidates have up to a year to complete the program at their own pace, for maximum flexibility and minimal disruption.

Concise, effective preparation.

An online study guide, training video and practice exam are designed to prepare every candidate for success.

Everyone is allowed up to three attempts to pass the exam, so even candidates who struggle with test-taking have the opportunity to review and succeed.

Verifiable results.

Knowing that a staff member passed the certification exam offers you critical insight into individual and departmental performance. Certifying your finance and accounting teams provides upper management with clear, measurable performance improvement metrics that demonstrate your team’s accountability and commitment to being best-in-class.

Practical maintenance.

To maintain certification, candidates must earn 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) annually. IOFM offers many free or low-cost opportunities to earn CEUs, and many professional training opportunities, are eligible for credit. Candidates can submit and monitor their CEUs in an online account, making it easy and efficient to stay up to date.

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