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Conexiom is the only 100% accurate invoice automation solution on the market. An easy-to-implement, cloud-based software solution that allows Accounts Payable professionals to treat invoices like standard electronic documents, Conexiom fully eliminates the need for manual entry, reduces costs, and prevents instances of duplicate payments. Conexiom is capable of handling unlimited variations in format, it extracts the critical data from the files, seamlessly transmitting it into the company’s ERP or financial system without requiring any new hardware, software licenses or extra fees for support. With Conexiom, expensive, error-prone manual invoice processing is eliminated without the need for companies to inconvenience their suppliers by changing the way they communicate. In fact, the majority of Conexiom customers have made the switch to invoice automation without their suppliers even knowing. Easy to implement, Conexiom’s accuracy and speed allow AP professionals to entirely eliminate costly data entry mistakes, improving invoice processing speeds by 75% from 27 days to mere minutes. Conexiom reduces the company’s administrative and transactional costs by 80% from $15 to $3, and eliminates costly errors entirely. In return, companies increase the opportunity to take advantage of early payment incentives they may have not otherwise have been able to obtain. Additionally, Conexiom automates invoices without relying on inaccurate and outdated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture critical data. Conexiom offers all the extensive benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) without any of its drawbacks. While EDI solutions require complex infrastructure and a substantial investment of time and money to implement, Conexiom requires none of these.

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