Pittsburgh PA Regional Chapter Leadership

Lynn Belletti

Lynn Belletti is Global Process Owner for Accounts Payable and Travel & Expense Transaction Processing at BNY Mellon. She leads a global team that is responsible for ensuring standard processes and controls are utilized across a diverse set of operating processes that are both in-house and outsourced to a third party.

Gina Smith
Vice President

Lynn’s education includes a Masters of Business Administration from Robert Morris University and she is a Certified Accounts Payable Manager since 2014. Lynn has held the role of Accounts Payable Manager since 2004 and assumed global responsibility in 2011.

Membership Chair

Pittsburgh PA Regional Chapter Mission Statement:

The ideas shared in our IOFM chapter will generate best practices and improvements that our members can use to overcome common business challenges. 

The Pittsburgh PA Regional Chapter will network and share ideas regarding their processes, internal controls, compliance, and regulations. They network together to build a stronger Financial Operations community in the Pittsburgh area.

Outside of IOFM’s annual conferences, Chapters will provide our financial operations community the opportunity to meet on a quarterly basis.

Next Meeting:

Please contact;

Lynn Belletti, lynn.belletti@bnymellon.com


What comes with being an IOFM Chapter Member?

Building a stronger community.

IOFM Chapters were developed to help build a stronger community within the Financial Operations world. When we build stronger communities, we build bigger ideas, stronger relationships, and better processes.

Better processes.

In our Chapter meetings we work directly with leadership to ensure you’re learning something when you attend the quarterly meetings. Whether that’s a new idea on automation, compliance laws, collection regulations, when we meet in person we begin to understand everyone’s processes – which allows us the understanding of how something works, more importantly how you can make something work better.

Continuing your education.

Because we’re working closely with Chapter leaders to ensure you’re learning chapter meetings qualify for up-to 4 CEUs for IOFM’s certification programs.

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