Maintaining Your Certification

Certification Maintenance Criteria

Congratulations on earning your Certification! You are now ready for the next step – maintaining your Certification.

Regulatory rules and technologies are changing at a rapid pace – and the continuing education requirements of Certification ensure credential holders continue to maintain and enhance their expertise. Maintaining your Certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence – proof to your employer and colleagues that you are dedicated to staying informed and at the top of your industry. Therefore, IOFM requires accredited professionals to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain their Certification through training, education and other professional development activities.

Use the table below to determine what your requirements for maintaining your CEUs:

You hold  APM, APS, APPM, APPS, ARM, ARS, AOCM, AOCS or CPC CertificationYou will need to earn 15 CEUs annually to renew your Certification.
You hold a CPRS Certification, and your original Certification date was before November 12, 2017You will need to earn 15 CEUs annually to renew your Certification.
You hold a CPRS Certification, and your original Certification date was after November 12, 2017You will need to retake the exam every two years to renew your Certification.
You hold a Solution Consultant designation (APSC, APPSC, ARSC, AOCSC Certification)There is no continuing education requirement for our vendor Certifications.
You passed an IOFM Master ClassThere is no continuing education requirement for our Master Classes.

Earning and Logging Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

You can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in many ways, including webinars, white papers, live events and as a benefit of IOFM membership. The full CEU guidelines are available here. IOFM provides far more than 15 CEUs per year – some of the opportunities are free and some require a registration fee. You can see what IOFM is offering for CEUs here. Any relevant continuing education completed in your current compliance period can be eligible for CEU credit. (“Relevant” means the continuing education relates to the subject matter of your original Certification program.) CEU credit is generally graded on a 1 hour is equal to 1 CEU ratio.

As the Certification-holder, you are responsible for earning and self-reporting your CEUs within the appropriate compliance period. No CEUs (including the CEUs for IOFM membership) will be added automatically to your account.                                     

Here's how to self-report your CEUs:

  1. Log into,  and click on "My Account" tab (located at the top of the homepage).
  2. The E-Learning Center is located about halfway down the "My Account" page.
  3. Go to the "My Certifications" tab in the E-Learning Center
  4. Click "Manage CEUs".
  5. Click "Add CEU," and enter the requested information:
  • Activity: The title of the training
  • Description: What did you learn about? What is the summary of the content covered? This is a place to add information that would be pertinent to determining the relevancy of the continuing education to what you learned about in your Certification program 
  • Date Completed
  • Subject Area
  • Activity Type
  • Activity Provider: What organization put on this activity?
  • CEUs: 1 CEU per 1 hour of continuing education – please reference the CEU Guidelines for more information
  • Verification: Verification can be any document that will prove that you complete the activity – certificates, receipts, registration confirmations, handouts and syllabi are all acceptable forms of verification. PDF preferred. Please note verification is not required but recommended, especially for activities outside of IOFM.

Certification Maintenance Resources

Certification FAQs (see “Maintaining a Certification” section)

CEU Guidelines

IOFM CEU Opportunities

CPRS Recertification Process

Certification Reactivation Policy

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