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IOFM is committed to providing our customers with premier training and education, offering content that is truly unmatched in the market. To serve that goal, we are continually talking with and listening to our community of members and certified professionals.

We understand that the world of financial operations is an intricate one and that the needs of every practitioner are different. Our mission is to make sure you have relevant content – when you need it. That's why we offer IOFM Master Classes.


IOFM Master Classes offer training on the specific topics you have asked for. Our subject matter experts will ensure that you understand the fundamentals as well as the more advanced nuances of each topic we cover.

We encourage you to review the list below, and select the Master Class or classes that will ensure that you are performing with the highest levels of efficiency and confidence.

Master Class Catalog


Vendor Master File

AVAILABLE NOW! Learn how to best handle the VMF with best practices concerning onboarding, compliance, internal controls and management. Estimated learning hours: 1 to 3 ($195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 3 CEUs


Internal Controls & Risk Management

AVAILABLE NOW! Implement risk management strategies and internal controls to protect your organization from noncompliance penalties. Estimated learning hours: 1 to 3 ($195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 3 CEUs


Leading an AP Team

AVAILABLE NOW! The best AP Managers have leadership skills to manage both processes and people – master the fundamentals here. Estimated learning hours: 2 to 4 ($195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 3 CEUs

LAT through changenew.png

Leading an AP Team Through Change

AVAILABLE NOW! Learn how to effectively manage change and process improvement at your organization. Estimated learning hours: 2 to 4 ($295, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 3 CEUs


Travel & Entertainment (T&E)

Focus on strategies to track T&E activities, improve employee compliance and leverage automation to increase efficiency. Estimated learning hours: 1 to 3 ($195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 3 CEUs

Basic Excelnew.png

Basic Excel for Accounting

Build a firm foundation for your Excel workbooks to help reduce errors and improve efficiency in your recurring-use workbooks. Estimated learning hours: 4 to 7 ($195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 4 CEUs

Intermediate Excelnew.png

Intermediate Excel for Accounting

Explore ways to automate recurring-use reports and demonstrate how to set up a workbook for "hands-free reporting." Estimated learning hours: 6 to 9 (Recommended prerequisite(s): Basic Excel. $195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 4 CEUs

Advanced Excelnew.png

Advanced Excel for Accounting

Focusing on PivotTables, learn how to retrieve external data and how to use Excel features to communicate your message graphically. Estimated learning hours: 7 to 10 (Recommended prerequisite(s): Basic and Intermediate Excel. $195, member discounts apply.)

Credit: 4 CEUs

More coming soon! Be sure to check back for updates.

Is there a particular topic that you'd like to see as a Master Class? Let us know at [email protected] or at 207-842-5557.

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