AP Automation Summit: 2020 On-Demand Recordings

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way many AP departments function and has dramatically accelerated the adoption of automation solutions. Until 2019, manually processed paper invoices were the norm. 2020 was the tipping point; for the first time, e-invoicing and automation accounted for most AP transactions. But the need to work remotely and capture new efficiencies rapidly moved the needle in Q2 of 2020. As of July 2020, two-thirds of all invoices are received electronically, requiring no human intervention to be processed. And nearly 3 out of 4 AP teams process those invoices with the help of an automation solution.
IOFM’s AP Automation Summit, originally held live, online December 1-4, 2020, helped attendees newly considering automation and those looking to boost the efficiency of existing automation. Explore the on-demand recordings of the daily kickoffs and town hall sessions below (recordings of demo sessions not provided). 

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Day 1 (Recorded December 1, 2020)

On-Demand Recording
45 minutes | 1 CEU (rounded)
Moderated by Jess Scheer, Executive Editor, IOFM, and Josh Barrett, Director, IOFM; presented by Andrea Fair, Vice President, Global Pre-Sales, Basware

Daily Kickoff

Automation Isn't the End of the Journey: Turn Your AP Department Into a Value Driver

Many organizations have some form of automation in their AP department, but the journey doesn’t end with implementation. High performing organizations set themselves up for success with a broader vision of how to leverage the benefits of automation to help their team do more with less. Not only are they able to eliminate manual tasks, they are able to use the visibility into their cash flow to make data-driven decisions for the business at large. Through the lens of IOFM’s operations benchmarks we will explore how other organizations have achieved their most efficient state by leveraging their AP Automation solution.

  • Examining automation’s effects on operational efficiency, error rates, costs, etc.
  • Eliminating manual tasks, allowing teams to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Harnessing analytics to forecast cash flow in real-time and introduce easy visibility of accruals
  • Using technology to identify and mitigate supply chain risk
  • Ensuring cost control by driving procurement policy compliance

Sponsored by: Basware


On-Demand Recording
1 hour | 1 CEU
Moderated by Mark Brousseau; presented by Tad Fordyce, Senior Vice President, Comdata; and Stephen L. Pietrzak CPA, Miria

Virtual Town Hall

The Ultimate Forum on Automating Supplier Payments

Organizations of all sizes are migrating to electronic payments at breakneck speed. While the case for electronic payments was compelling long before the pandemic, the shift to remote working and the enormous cashflow challenges created by the recession have created urgency for organizations to find safe and efficient ways to pay their suppliers, no matter where staff work. Join us for this virtual town hall meeting as our panelists answer your questions about how to automate supplier payments.

Sponsored by: Comdata, Miria, NVoicepay


Day 2 (Recorded December 2, 2020)

On-Demand Recording
45 minutes | 1 CEU (rounded)
Moderated by Jess Scheer; presented by Daniel Saraste, SVP Product Strategy, Medius Software

Daily Kickoff

AP’s Autonomous Vehicle: How Technology is Driving Accounts Payable Operations So You Don’t Have to

In the age of self-driving cars and automation, AP is also experiencing a transformation toward the autonomous with the help of machine learning and big data. When modern technology works the way it should for AP, processes can happen without user intervention - simply and seamlessly - so that you can focus on the bigger picture and strategic initiatives. In this keynote session, you’ll learn: 

  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are shaping AP automation’s future direction, making life for the AP staff simpler and more efficient
  • The transformation of benchmarks, driven by big data and analytics, creating a predictive model that Finance can use to control their spend and business
  • What AP can expect as technology continues to advance, including the evolution of cloud-based solutions and invoice capture
  • The duality of advanced automation – how the hard work to create groundbreaking new features makes work simple for end users

Sponsored by: Medius Software


On-Demand Recording
1 hour | 1 CEU
Moderated by Mark Brousseau; presented by Daniel Reeve, Director of Sales and Business Development, Esker; Reginald J. Twigg, Ph.D, Director of Product Marketing Digital Enterprise, ABBYY; Stephanie Ryan, Solutions Consultant, Basware; Gunita Bindra, VP of Commercial Product, Bottomline; and Eric Riddle, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Corporate Spending Innovations

Virtual Town Hall

The Accounts Payable Automation Answer Forum

Seventy-one percent of accounts payable leaders say their department will automate further before year’s end. Even departments that describe themselves as “largely automated” plan to deploy more technology. But many accounts payable leaders are unsure of the best technologies and approaches to automation to use. Many are wondering what to do with their existing invoice processing systems and the best way to deploy a new system when everyone works at home. Other accounts payable leaders need suggestions for selling cost-conscious senior managers on automation. Join us for this virtual town hall meeting as our panelists answer your questions about accounts payable automation.

Presented by Panelists from Basware, Esker, Bottomline, ABBYY, and Corporate Spending Innovations


Day 3 (Recorded December 3, 2020)

On-Demand Recording
45 minutes | 1 CEU (rounded)
Moderated by Josh Barrett, Director of IOFM; presented by Geoff Ruffer, Business Development Manager, Esker

Daily Kickoff

Putting Together What AP Automation Means for Your Business

By now, you’re probably familiar with the technology and features that come hand in hand with AI-driven AP automation: customizable KPI dashboards, electronic workflows, cloud-based infrastructure and more. But what exactly does that mean for your business? How will it affect individual teams and your organization as a whole?

In this session, we’ll put it all together for you and delve into what the benefits and functions of AP automation means for your end users, managers, finance and administration teams, and your organization as a whole. Register for the session to discover how automation creates a more strategic role for AP and how your business can better capitalize on it.

Sponsored by: Esker


On-Demand Recording
1 hour | 1 CEU
Moderated by Mark Brousseau; presented by Dor Bocian, Co-Founder & Partner of Extropy Advisors on behalf of Basware; Shannon Kreps, VP Product Marketing, Medius Software; Greg Bartels, President & CEO, IPS; and Danny Thompson, Senior Vice President, Market and Product Strategy, Apexanalytix

Virtual Town Hall

The AP Pro’s Forum on Emerging Technologies

Accounts payable technologies are changing at dizzying rate. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to robotic process automation and cognitive analytics, making sense of it all can overwhelm the most tech-savvy accounts payable leader. What does each technology do? How do you determine the best technology for your needs? How does each technology complement your existing tech stack? How do you build a business case for these technologies? Join us for this virtual town hall meeting as our panelists answer your questions about emerging payables technologies.

Sponsored by: Basware, Medius, IPS, and Apexanalytix


Day 4 (Recorded December 4, 2020)

On-Demand Recording
1 hour
Moderated by Mark Brousseau; presented by Russell Seifert Account Executive, Aavenir, and Vikram Chakrabarty, Product Evangelist, Aavenir

AP Automation Session

Enabling AP Processes for an Efficient Distributed Workforce

Harnessing AI & Workflows to Enable an Efficient Distributed Workforce Remote and distributed team is going to be the new normal, but it comes with its own challenges, especially for Accounts Payable (AP) teams. Learn how to enable the AP department with AI and digital workflows for the new, distributed workplace.

Join Russell Seifert, Account Executive, and Vikram Chakrabarty, Product Evangelist, at Aavenir for this fun-filled and use-case driven session that demonstrates the process of achieving the highest level of process maturity using a proprietary AP maturity model. Built natively on the ServiceNow, Aavenir Invoiceflow minimizes upfront costs and offers faster deployment to achieve quick ROI realization.

What will be covered in this session?

  • Connecting the Distributed Workforce in AP department
  • Ideal Transformation Journey: A Roadmap for AP Automation
  • Live Use Case: Accelerate Invoice Processing using AI + Digital Workflows
  • Assessing ROI for AP Automation
  • Demo: Aavenir Invoiceflow on ServiceNow

Sponsored by: Aavenir


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