Become a member today and gain access to hundreds of exclusive tools and content!

Network members have 24/7 access to hundreds of tools, templates, policies, checklists and calculators for every area of their position in either Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable — plus exclusive benchmarking metrics, critical compliance updates and much more. In short, they’ve discovered that membership keeps teams working smarter, not harder and when teams are members together they get on the same page, saving everyone time and money!

Members also enjoy special discount pricing on conferences, webinars, training, books and reports, provided by the Networks and others IOFM networks with!


With hundreds of resources available, membership guarantees that you will get answers to all of your most challenging questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question in the Research Library, you can get the answers you need directly from an IOFM Network of experienced staff or advisory board members using our popular “Ask the Expert” solutions.


The online resource library provides members with unlimited access to case studies, best practice reports, articles and improvement resources to help you cut through the clutter to get reliable, objective information on everything with no guesswork and no wasted time.


Becoming a member allows you anytime access to other finance professionals to help solve your problems. The heart of the Network is the forums and messaging center, which allows both member-to-member interaction and communication.

Save Time & Money

Each Network’s tools and resources give members unrestricted access to tools that professionals from World-Class organizations rely on every day. A variety of resources are just a click away to help you save time and effort in creating policies, documenting processes and internal controls, evaluating process improvement alternatives, preparing business cases, managing compliance, and much more!


Exclusive benchmark surveys provide a wealth of information on performance metrics, processing policies and practices, and implementation and effectiveness of automation technologies – key metrics to provide insight and facilitate improvement of your accounts payable or accounts receivable performance.

Online Trainings & Webinars

Online training opportunities cover a wide variety of critical accounts payable topics, from metrics and benchmarking, to imaging and workflow, to T&E management, to best practices. Members can use the IOFM Network’s online training videos to get top-notch training for staff members. And at a deeply discounted rate!

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