Extending credit to trading partners is a necessary evil for most businesses.

But poorly managed credit can mean long delays in converting sales to cash. 

And capital that is tied up in

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Part 1: Exactly What Is the Problem Here?   You’ll read about automation as the magic bullet for everything that’s wrong with accounts receivable. It’s supposed to speed up invoice processing… Read More
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Businesses strive to increase the speed and frequency of inbound payments from customers – but what happens when accepting payments leads to reduced margins and operational… Read More
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Electronic payments are much cheaper than checks, providing a major reason why credit and Accounts rRceivable (AR) leaders encourage electronic payments to reduce processing… Read More
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Cash application takes too long, costs too much, creates too many exceptions, and provides inadequate visibility.  The root of the problem is the antiquated systems and processes… Read More

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In a perfect world customers would pay their invoices on time - if only it was that simple...

In reality, customers are trying to hold onto their money as long as they can.

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It takes two to Tango. Collections and AR teams across industries have accepted the reality of buyer AP teams driving payment terms and settlement of disputes and deductions… Read More
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Wouldn’t it be nice if every workday went smoothly? Or at least, did not turn out to be a nightmare!

During this interactive webinar, the speakers will share exclusive IOFM research… Read More
Manual data entry is the archenemy of efficiency in accounts receivable. By putting an online payment platform in place, AR can improve all aspects of the payment process, reports Premium Receivable… Read More
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With the rise of credit card and ACH B2B payments, organizations are under pressure to provide flexible electronic payment options to their customers. However, business… Read More

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