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Q. What does the term EOAP + N90 mean? Would you explain what type of payment term this is? I'm not familiar with "EOAP." Should I avoid this and ask for lower terms? How is this different from N30,… Read More
Q. In the past 60 days, have you seen a great nmany new customers wanting to buy on credit? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- I'm still receiving a steady influx of new applications… Read More
by John G. Salek - For most companies, the COVID-19 economy will cause revenue reductions and cash shortages far worse than prior recessions in this country. Two major changes affecting the… Read More
Many credit professionals prefer to develop their own "scorecards" or internal credit scores to gauge a prospective or existing customer's creditworthiness. They like this approach because it is less… Read More
For credit professionals, the ability to mitigate customer credit risk is always critical. Debt markets have exploded in size and complexity in recent years as hedge funds, private equity firms, and… Read More
It all started close to 50 years ago with a handwritten note that contained a single word: bankruptcy. The word triggered an idea for a doctoral dissertation on predicting bankruptcy that introduced… Read More

Business risk is accelerating globally. While a weak US recovery continues, exposure to these global trends will inevitably have a domestic impact as well. That means credit and AR managers should be

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Securing adequate reliable working capital to power the business has emerged as the number-one challenge for midsize companies today, according to a new study of 670 companies across 15 industries by

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Years ago, when reporters joined a prestigious business publication, they were handed a tattered copy of "How to Read an Annual Report," along with their typewriters. The veteran bureau chief's… Read More

Every AR and credit professional is familiar with the Altman Z-Score, and most have used it to calculate the risk that a customer or prospective customer will declare bankruptcy within two years.

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