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As many a credit manager has learned to their sorrow, a company’s financials are not always a sure forecast of its ability to pay you 90, or even 60, days in the future. While the company’s… Read More

With today’s unrelenting pressure to improve cash flow forecasting and management, credit pros need to utilize all the tools at their disposal to meet the challenge. One key to that task is

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For most credit executives, the best information about a customer’s creditworthiness is contained in its financial statements. The trick, once those statements have been obtained, is to know how to

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Though perhaps not as certain as death and taxes, AR managers can unfortunately count on two other near certainties regarding customers’ overall payment performance in the foreseeable future: Many… Read More
When you are deciding whether to extend credit to a new customer or conducting a periodic review of an existing account, the company's balance sheet can be your "new best friend." The balance sheet… Read More

As a credit manager tries to determine a new or existing customer's financial stability, financial statement analysis can play a crucial part. By identifying a company's financial strengths and

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by Mike Morley Careful analysis of Enron's financial statements led to a windfall for at least one hedge-fund manager. While reading Enron's financial statement notes a full year before the company

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There are various financial ratios that can impact the decision to extend credit to your customers. These ratios provide methods to quantitatively document your credit evaluation. Following is a list

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A new customer is exciting — more business, more sales, and new connections. Yet new customers are unknowns, and possible credit risks. It is up to you to evaluate the customer for creditworthiness… Read More

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, almost 48,000 businesses in the United States filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Although bankruptcy numbers are down from 2010, a significant number of

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