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IOFM recently chatted with controller Steve Fulmer, who oversees the accounts receivable operation at the Pennsylvania-based headquarters of South Mill Champs, the leading vertically integrated… Read More

IOFM recently chatted with Controller Steve Fulmer, who oversees the Accounts Receivable operation at the Pennsylvania-based headquarters of South Mill Champs, the leading vertically integrated

Read More
Q. We are in the market for an employee recognition provider. Can you provide the names of any providers in this area? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- We used MOtivosity in the past… Read More
Q. Do you have both AR and credit responsibilities within your AR team? Often I see AR and credit responsibilities in the same role. Does anyone have credit role as a separate position? A. (Answered… Read More
Q. Is there a rule of thumb as to the number of AR staff (cash application, credit and collections) recommended per $X of sales/receivables in a non-automated environment? A. (Answered by IOFM's… Read More
Q. 1.) What are companies doing as far as employee work location. Are they allowing full remote, hybrid or onsite work for employees. What are they offering? 2.) If they allow remote or hybrid work… Read More
Q. 1. ) What do you do in your organization about professional development for your AR team? 2.) How do you assess and determine areas in need of improvement, and do you find members of your team to… Read More
by Royce Grayson Morse, IOFM Managing Editor - Being a successful manager doesn’t just involve managing a process—it involves the management of the people who get the work done. We’re all… Read More
The art of turning sales calls and handshakes into real cash flow depends on more than just one perfect invoice. The Accounts Receivable Manager for an automotive parts manufacturer discovered that… Read More
Collaborating with key stakeholders—both inside and outside the organization—is beneficial when planning improvement activities, designing new processes and procedures, implementing new… Read More
In an effort to get a better understanding of AR and how well it interacts with other departments, we asked IOFM’s Senior Trainer Judy Bicking to share her experiences. We explored three different… Read More

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