How AP and AR Can Work to Guard Against Noncompliance - An interview with Diane Yetter Diane Yetter is an award-winning sales and use tax strategist, advisor, speaker and author. She is president… Read More
Q. I am reporting PCard transaction to foreign vendors from 2023. At the time of purchase I did not have a W-8 form and did not withhold funds. I am now calculating what should have been withheld on… Read More
Q. I have a payee who received income (fellowship payment) income code 16. It is my understanding that fellowship income is not reported by the payor to the IRS on any tax form, in my case a 1099;… Read More
How much do you know about sales and use tax? Take this quick quiz to see if you know some of the basics! 1. What is sales tax? a. An amount added to the price of particular goods imported from… Read More

How Pre-Sale Works

When you buy the course on pre-sale, it means that the course materials are still being developed and are not ready yet. The course you enroll in will be empty now, but you will

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Q. I'm  looking for information for best practices surrounding the Pennsylvania Tax Act 43 withholding that we were required to implement in 2018. Do you have anything you can… Read More

Course Description

Accurate payment reporting is a critical function in AP, and earning certification in this area of accounts payable demonstrates to your employer that you are dedicated to

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Course Description

The Order-to-Cash Solution Consultant Certificate Program (AOCSC) trains vendors to speak the language of their clients in the order-to-cash space. The program covers all areas

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Within the United States, a retail sales tax is charged to the final consumers or end-users that purchase a product or service. However, in other countries, particularly those belonging to the… Read More
Drop shipment transactions are becoming more common, especially with the growth and spread of ecommerce. Drop shipping is a supply chain management delivery method in which the retailer does not… Read More

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