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Electronic payments are much cheaper than checks, providing a major reason why credit and Accounts rRceivable (AR) leaders encourage electronic payments to reduce processing… Read More
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Cash application takes too long, costs too much, creates too many exceptions, and provides inadequate visibility.  The root of the problem is the antiquated systems and processes… Read More
Offering customers payment options that makes it easier to do business with your company is a smart strategy. Recently, KHS Bicycles (Rancho Dominguez, CA) discovered this firsthand as they added ACH… Read More

When a company’s customer base is growing by leaps and bounds and its ERP system is highly complex, posting invoice payments can be a time-consuming process for Accounts Receivable. This was the

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A September, 2016 survey conducted by Atradius about payment practices in the Americas (the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil) revealed that nearly all respondents reported experiencing late payments

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In today’s world of automation technology, the world has been taken over by robots - from IBM’s Watson to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and now… Read More

Customer deductions present a persistent—and expensive—problem that causes revenue and profit dilution and copious back-office work every year. What is the best way to address this challenge? And

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Electronic payments present a growing challenge for organizations. On one hand, companies aim to increase electronic payment volumes because of the reduced processing costs… Read More

By Bob Sefton, Financial Director, Nomacorc LLC Accurate, timely cash application fosters good working capital management practices with a resulting positive cash flow. If cash application is not

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The most widely known virtual currency today is bitcoin. From its advent in 2009 to the present day, Bitcoin’s story has been complex, punctuated by mystery, drama, scandal and fraud. And yet,… Read More

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