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Introduction to AP Analytics

The accounts payable process holds the key to several types of data that can help your company with decision making for strategic sourcing. The data also indicates… Read More

Purchase orders (POs), are a valuable control tool in the P2P process. POs can help organizations avoid rogue spending, prevent incorrect deliveries, improve visibility into inventory, and provide

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Given a list of more than 20 options from which to select their biggest business needs, the only choices that garnered more than 25 percent of… Read More
Determining the cost to produce an invoice (CPI) can present challenges for AP & P2P professionals who are seeking to benchmark. What items and functions get counted in the calculations? And does it… Read More

It depends on exactly what you are trying to measure. But as far as the AP & P2P Network

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There are a couple of DPO articles that address calculation that you may find helpful on the AP

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Even the most well-run AP operation has its share of “pain points” that cause headaches for managers, employees, vendors, and people working in the other parts of an organization’s P2P process.

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Accounts payable must interact with a variety of customers from within the larger organization as well as from outside the organization. Few, if any, of these customers understand exactly what AP

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Although research shows that the number of organizations that use check payments is decreasing, many organizations are still relying heavily on these paper remittances. With check fraud still the… Read More