Growth is the watchword for businesses in 2020.  Revenue growth.  Profit growth.  Market share growth.  After years of concentrating their efforts internally on cost cutting,

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Processing invoices and paying vendors can often be the most cumbersome and arduous function of any finance department in the middle-market. In recent years, growing companies have begun to leverage

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Refining the Business Case Now we come to the heart of the matter—the business case itself. Although there are many acceptable formats, in its simplest form, a business case for a project requiring… Read More
Why You Need a Business Case As an AP manager, you fully understand all the advantages your company stands to gain by automating its AP processes. And you are no doubt aware of the dozens of success… Read More
Thinking Like a CFO Of course, every CFO is different. But translating AP benefits into CFO benefits begins with an understanding the three things every CFO wants: 1. Increased Profitability The… Read More
Preparing the Business Case Let’s talk about the actual process of building the business case. The first phase of business case building, preparation, is a three-step process. Step 1: Determine… Read More
When making a case for a change that involves expenditure of the organization’s money, it’s a good idea to first craft a cost-benefit analysis (CBA). Simply put, a CBA weighs the benefits of such… Read More
Shrewd shoppers understand the importance of not buying from the first store you visit. It's important to shop around for the best value. There are few things worse than an acute case of buyer's… Read More

This template provides a worksheet to accumulate vendor RFP data and rank results. Microsoft Excel

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Whether you’re asked to participate in information gathering prior to your organization purchasing a vendor solution for process improvement, or you’re the person spearheading that effort,… Read More

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