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Q. We have a company-owned electric car. How do we reimburse an employee for charging the car? The charging unit is installed at his home. A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) At my… Read More
Q. I'm wondering if you can guide me about best practices for shared services when we also use an outsourcing company. Specifically with corporate cards (T&E/P-cards), what is the… Read More
Q. My company is in the process of updating our T&E policy and we have been asked to find out what other companies are doing with cell phone reimbursement. I was wondering if you might be able to… Read More
Q. We are trying to implement a new corporate card program at our organization. Can anyone share your experience and what your company currently is using? If you can answer questions below that… Read More
Q. What is the best way to handle recruits / interviewee reimbursements for travel expenses? We currently process via A/P and pay them by check or EFT. We land up creating a tremendous amount of new… Read More
Q. What is the best practice in paying relocation expenses? Is it better for the expense to be paid through payroll or through AP? We will be grossing up the relocation expenses at a set rate of… Read More
Q. Does the IRS require itemized receipts for meals over $75.00? A. (Answered by COKALA Tax Information Reporting Solutions, LLC, a 3rd party, independent advisory services firm offering experienced… Read More
Q. Do you reimburse an employee mileage starting from home or job site when he is attending an out of town conference? A. (provided by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- We reimburse from the job site.… Read More
Q. Should conferences be paid on a PO vs a non PO? And if so, what are the reasons supporting that? A. (supplied by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- I would not put this type of charge on a PO because… Read More
Q. How do most companies disburse T&E reimbursements to their associates, assuming there is already a T&E software in place? I’ve heard of it being done through the payroll cycle (as non-taxed)… Read More

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