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Q. What are some of the risks of travel advances? How are they processed at your organization? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- We never give advances. We have everyone use a… Read More
Q. Can anyone share your company's travel policy concerning rental cars? I work in a manufacturing facility, and we have a team of 13 sales representatives who travel to sell our product. It was… Read More
Q. What should the per diem for partial days of international travel?  SCENARIO: Left VA IAD 1/12 10AM, ARRIVE LAYOVER 1/13 8:14AM DOHA, QATAR AND 1/13/24 ARRIVE FINAL DESTINATION JAKARTA, INDONESIA… Read More
Q. Does the Per diem allowance include tips/delivery fee and or taxes.Example:$15.00 for lunch Bill is $15 for food, 5% taxes $.75, 20% tip $3.00 Total charge is $18.75. Is this the amount… Read More
Q. Per federal tax regulations, expenses submitted after 60 days will be reported as taxable income to the employee, and applicable Federal, State, FICA and Medicare taxes will be deducted from a… Read More
Q. What are the Advisory Panelists’ best practices for using hotel and airline rewards that are accumulated by the company? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- Our Sales team does the… Read More
Q. We have several employees that have company credit cards for travel and they purchase other items for the company. The company pays the credit card company directly for these expenses, no money is… Read More
Q. Background information: With the new fully remote work environments post COVID, we have several employees who are remote who are “REPORTING INTO” an office, rather than “WORKING IN” an… Read More
Q. We recently had an employee rent an electric vehicle, and on their receipt they had a battery charging charge. This is a first for our organization and I'm wondering how other companies are… Read More
Q. What on average are companies reimbursing employees for their use of their personal cell phones? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- We reimburse $30 per month. ----- We are reimbursing… Read More

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