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Q. Has anyone experienced requests for reimbursement for donations to GoFundMe? Here is the situation: One of our salespeople donated to a GoFundMe campaign which states it is to support the family… Read More
Q. We currently pay out of pocket travel and non-travel reimbursements via AP on a weekly basis. We are strongly considering changing the reimbursement payment cycle to once at the end of each… Read More
Q. How are other companies processing per diem? We are struggling with reconciling and recouping funds from an employee who was advanced the money but did not actually need to work the job for one… Read More
Q. The IRS Mileage Reimbursement rates for 2022 are at 58.5 cents a mile. With gas prices going up rather quickly, what are organizations doing? Are they sticking with the IRS guideline, or are they… Read More
Q. What is the required IRS documentation for mileage reimbursement for employees submitting an expense report for mileage? Is there a form the employee should fill out with the starting mileage,… Read More
Q. We received an invoice from a vendor and they are billing us for travel expenses. They are a reportable vendor. Do they need to submit receipts? A. (Answered by a 3rd party, independent advisory… Read More
Q. We are reviewing our company's policy on non tax parking reimbursement (transit 132). Are receipts required for reimbursement or will a monthly credit card charge suffice? A. (Answered by a 3rd… Read More
Q. In August, 2021, our company chose to allow hybrid schedules as well as 100% remote schedules for employees. Now, the 100% remote employees are starting to request travel reimbursement from their… Read More
Q. We require actual receipts to reimburse employees for their meals. However, can we stipulate the maximum amount that we will reimburse with actual receipts? We want to continue to reimburse an… Read More
Q. When an employee uses a personal vehicle for company travel, should the employee be reimbursed for both gas and mileage? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- With our company, it’s an… Read More

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