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Q. We require actual receipts to reimburse employees for their meals. However, can we stipulate the maximum amount that we will reimburse with actual receipts? We want to continue to reimburse an… Read More
Q. When an employee uses a personal vehicle for company travel, should the employee be reimbursed for both gas and mileage? A. (Answered by the IOFM Advisory Panel) ----- With our company, it’s an… Read More
Q. I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a template for a government contractor travel and expense report template? Based on some research, I believe we can write a general policy, and will… Read More

Course Description

The course covers AP fundamentals, best practices and regulatory compliance, all of which are necessary to understand your clients who work in the accounts payable

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Q. I would appreciate some feedback from the IOFM Advisory Panelists on these questions : How does your Company handle expense reimbursements for the C-suite? Do you have a different policy with… Read More
Q. We have an employee that lives out of state and flies in weekly to Wisconsin. He expenses all of his meals while in Wisconsin each week. Is this generally allowed? Would it be allowed at your… Read More
Q. We would like to do some research on travel meal expense per diem. I found the IRS and GSA, but the rates were low. Would there be other resources we would refer to as a guide for our travel… Read More
Q. As travel restrictions are begining to ease, are companies updating their business travel policies to address safety issues and requirements? If so, what issues are being addressed? A. (Answered… Read More
Q. One of my goals this year is to update our expense and travel policy guidelines. I would love to hear from the Advisory Panelists to find out if they have information they can share from their… Read More
Q. Under an accountable plan policy, what does the IRS require in terms of documentation to substantiate business meal expenses.? It's getting more difficult to obtain itemized… Read More

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