Q. (cont.) Has anyone posted about anything they have done within their teams to boost morale and

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If your department has a limited budget—or no budget at all—for team-building, but you want to do something to boost morale and build relationships, what do you do? A member asked us this… Read More

In most organizations, the financial operations department is faced with demanding and competing priorities for the last several months of the current fiscal year and the first couple months of the

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A survey by Robert Half reveals that the greatest challenge for finance professionals when working with other departments is learning to interact with a variety of cultures. Respondents were asked,… Read More

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In keeping with IOFM's mission to highlight outstanding financial operations professionals, the editors of the AP & P2P Network report this month on the… Read More

APP2P17_Tipalti_Whitepaper_CoverWhat if over two-thirds of the people around you didn’t think much of the work you do?

More than three-quarters of senior managers believe that accounts payable is a tactical back-office

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By sharing ideas with other professionals, both at meetings and online, you will learn how your peers are implementing the kinds of improvements that ultimately make their businesses more profitable.

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A 2017 report from APQC, a business benchmarking and research firm, reveals that we’re still spending too much time on transaction processing.

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Is the AP function in your organization status quo or best-in-class?  Are you facing the same issues over and over again?  Does the organization perceive AP’s role as

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By Pam Miller, APMD Many organizations have robust and detailed disaster recovery plans. Others have no formal plan but have outlined potential responses for critical functions like AP. What is the

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