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In keeping with IOFM's mission to highlight outstanding financial operations professionals, the editors of the AP & P2P Network report this month on the… Read More
When your AP staffers are "engaged," they feel passionate about, and dedicated to, their jobs, says Susanna Hunter, principal consultant with McLean & Company, a firm that specializes in human… Read More

What are some concrete steps that AP, P2P and other financial operations professionals can take to become more visible, valued and strategic employees? Here are five tips from leaders and managers in

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Through making changes in responsibilities and departmental structure and practices, a growing company has discovered that a more cohesive, cross-trained AP department can handle staffing situations… Read More
Compensation for Accounts Payable management and staff positions has climbed steadily over the last two years as demand has outstripped supply, according to the just released 2017 Salary Guide:… Read More
By Pam Miller, APMD In a department like AP, staff members need to cooperate to complete daily tasks. Working so closely together, there is a tendency to share personal information about spouses,… Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD People often create mnemonics as a means to help them remember things. For example, HOMES is a mnemonic that helps Americans remember the names of the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario,

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By Pam Miller, APMD We’ve all been there—interrupted once again by the telephone, or bogged down with the 47th e-mail of the day. Surprise! It’s a vendor wanting to know if AP has received

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By Pam Miller, APMD Managers who have mastered the arts of delegation and empowerment are likely to find that their staffs outperform those of managers who have not done so. Delegation is an… Read More


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Women face unique challenges at work; there are certain obstacles to overcome in order to achieve respect, understanding, and acknowledgment.  There are 6 key

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